“I thought it was a great value. For how new it was, you can’t beat the price.” B.A.
“I don’t think there is a better quality for the value in River Falls. The layout was very functional. We felt the management was the right amount of involved–not constantly there babysitting, but were present when they needed to be. I appreciate the written notices that were always given in advance about any maintenance that would be happening in our apartment.” M.R.
“Campusview is very good at maintaining the buildings, parking lots, lawn, etc. very well. Campusview is very good at answering questions to make the contracts more clear.” G.F.
“Absolutely Fantastic! Best Apartment I’ve ever lived in. If I wasn’t getting married, I’d come back to live here again. I enjoyed the space, the close proximity to campus, the appliances, and the friendly neighbors. The staff was prompt and helpful in the few issues we had.” A. F.
“The quality of appliances, fixtures, etc. far exceeded my expectations given the affordable rent. My monthly rent and utilities were over one hundred dollars less than my other rental experiences in River Falls. I especially love the drapes installed in the living and bedrooms. When the weather is nice, I have been able to walk outside and down the stairs to enjoy a picnic at the amphitheater picnic tables or go sit by the river. When the weather is unpredictable, dumping 6-12 inches of snow, it is such a blessing to be so close to campus that I can maintain commitments to school/an on-campus job/on-campus events. The staff has been approachable, enjoyable, and dependable. The snow is shoveled from the walkway in a timely manner, the hallway and stairs are vacuumed routinely, any maintenance requests have been addressed promptly. When a part in our dryer had to be replaced a second time, Travis went ahead and exchanged our dryer for a new one! In the seven years I have rented
in River Falls, this has been the most consistent commitment to service by a rental provider that I have experienced!” M.T.
“Our Apartment is quite nice, especially the luxury of having a dishwasher and laundry in our unit. I enjoyed being right beside campus — it is a quick walk on a well kept path. The staff has always been friendly and nice to us. They have always responded to phone calls and been helpful.” F.B.
“I really liked the close location to campus. Customer service was really good! You came out right away whenever we called and whenever I had questions pertaining to the lease. You were more than helpful! Very friendly and thorough when answering questions.” K.B.
“Very clean and safe environment. Campusview staff was always very kind and helpful when needed. Very understanding management, easy to work with. Loved that it was so close to campus. Always in office and was very friendly.” K.M.
“I was able to have my own room at a reasonable price. You answer questions and calls quickly and you deal with problems in a timely manner.” R.S.
“We had a great time at Campusview. The dwellings were nice for college students and had a great layout!” E.R.
“The apartment layout is very well done and efficient for my needs as a tenant. The quality was good and it was close to campus yet far enough away from school to get away and relax. The landlords were very helpful and nice.” S.D.
“I loved the setup of the apartment! They’re very clean and well kept. They’re close to campus and make walking to class very convenient. The rooms are the perfect size. Our landlord always returned my calls promptly and answered all questions I had.” C.A.
“The apartment was spacious and included up to date appliances. It was one of the nicer college apartments I’ve seen, especially for the price. The storage space was awesome with the extra closet and laundry area. It was really nice to have laundry in unit. I liked that it was in a well known area with a community of other college students living in the surrounding apartments.” A.A.
“The apartment was surprisingly and pleasantly comfortable. There is more than enough room for five people to live and lounge about. Pretty much any amenity you’d need is covered – kitchen, laundry, etc. The staff has always been prompt and thorough with my questions and concerns. There are things that I didn’t understand about having an apartment, and if I asked, someone would work with me until it was worked out – sometimes over multiple days.” E.B.
“I really enjoyed living at Campusview. My apartment building was always clean and the snow was always removed in a timely manner. I liked how clean the carpet was and I always felt like a priority with Campusview staff.” R.W.
“The rooms were the perfect size and the price was cheap. Overall, Campusview staff was really awesome.” J.S.
“It was different than living on campus. It was much quieter in an apartment than at campus. I like the big closets in the rooms and that there was no one telling us what to do. Staff was really nice. My roommate couldn’t find her key so she ended up calling for someone to open the door and they showed up pretty quickly. K.H.
“The apartment was clean and neat and perfect for college living. We rarely had issues. It was close enough to campus to walk easy, well managed, and great choices and options to fit all living needs. We always got help right away when we could call with questions. They make it easy to work with them and they are always friendly and flexible.” J.H.
“We loved the amount of space. Having two stories in an apartment was a rare and lucky thing. I like that we weren’t so strictly lorded over and allowed to be independent and trusted to pay bills, handle living relations, etc. Whenever I reached out to the staff, the response was timely and addressed my concerns. The bookkeeper is awesome!” E.B.
“Very good quality for the value of the apartment. I liked having the individual thermostats to control each room’s temperature. Customer service was overall pretty good. I left a message about our broken microwave and it was replaced with a day.” E.N.
“I liked the open living room and kitchen. I liked that there is a washer, dryer, and dishwasher. I liked that Campusview was close to classes so we didn’t have to drive to class everyday. I also liked that there were two bathrooms because it made showering easier.” S.S.
“The apartment was very roomy. Everything was always done in a timely manner when we called staff and had questions. They were always willing to help.” A.H.